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All the attention surrounding the Raiders seems to be on Antonio Pierce and Jim Harbaugh right now. But once the team decides who will be the general manager and head coach, the organization’s next big decision will have to do with its quarterback.With Jimmy Garoppolo and Brian Hoyer expected to be released, the Raiders stuck with Aidan O’Connell, who played well as a rookie but wasn’t good enough to be named the starter next year.

The Raiders are expected to be aggressive in their pursuit of a new quarterback, but Sports Illustrated pundit Hondo Carpenter said O’Connell is well-respected in the locker room and some players believe he can win the starting job.”I know that. “I’ve never heard a player say, ‘We’ve got to get another quarterback,'” Carpenter said on the Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast.”I spoke to many players.

[They] think it could be special. He has a gun in his hand. I think we can bring him in with someone to develop him and give him OTAs, minicamp and training camp with a new scheme. I’m still going to take [another] quarterback and let them compete, but I think the kid has an edge and I’m not at all ready to say he’s the next Kenny Stabler, but I’m by no means ready to say he’s the next Kenny Stabler.

Throw… I think it has great potential.O’Connell may not be Plan A next year, but the Raiders’ fourth-round pick trumps the first overall draft pick…With the 13th pick in the draft, the Raiders may not be in danger of taking one of the top two quarterbacks in the draft, but they have depth in this year’s quarterback class.

Among the rookies the Raiders could get their hands on (or at least push the draft to a spot where the Raiders have a chance to trade up) are Bo Nix, Michael Penix Jr. and J.J. McCarthy and Jayden Daniels.Of course, the Raiders often have the option to select a free agent quarterback such as Kirk Cousins​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ and or and Justin Fields.

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