2024 Raiders Mock Draft: Version 1

With the College Football Playoff in the rearview mirror, the Las Vegas Raiders are looking at the offseason as an opportunity for growth.

While Michigan swept Washington last night, the Las Vegas Raiders now have every eligible player under a full microscope. With no major games left, Vegas begins the process. In fact, the team currently has no interim coach or general manager. Therefore, this order must be correct. Here are some draft picks that would make sense for the Raiders.

13th overall pick (Jer’Jean Newton, DT, Illinois)Background:

The Raiders defense is performing very well, but they still lack disruptors inside. Newton gives the Raiders a true three-technique who can rush the passer and stop the run. Plus, Max Crosby and George Koons need someone who can wreak havoc. Newton and Tyree Wilson give the Raiders a young combination with explosiveness and interior strength.

44th overall pick (JJ McCarthy, QB, Michigan)Why:

Several factors influence this choice. First of all, if Jim Harbaugh wants the head coaching job, it will be his. McCarthy is a good fit here because he knows Harbaugh well. Second, McCarthy has great tools at quarterback. For example, McCarthy’s feet and mobility can expand his game. It can also throw some into the route tree. Remember the bag Aidan O’Connell had to carry because of his limited mobility? The former Michigan quarterback makes it look easy. The key is to have a strong quarterback specialist to take over the franchise’s old reins.

77th overall pick (Braylon Allen, RB, Wisconsin)Hint:

If Josh Jacobs wants money, the Raiders might not have it. Zamir White will play the lead role. Anyway, the team still needs a no. 2. Allen is grooming a backup with franchise-leading talent, but his controlled contract could pave the way for him to eventually be promoted to a starting job. Additionally, Allen offers a better talent pool than White. For example, Allen will likely contribute more in the passing game. In these situations, the need to handle the ball becomes much more important, regardless of who holds the starting position.

112th overall pick (Matt Goncalves, OT, Pittsburgh)Back:

Colton Miller is on the left side and provides excellent protection for the Raiders. Furthermore, there is no firm initiative from the other side. With a solid foundation and good power going the other way, Goncalves will immediately compete for a starting spot. The AFC West has two talented quarterbacks on each team, which calls for a scrimmage-heavy approach to defense.

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