Raiders Pierce Final Press Conference As Interim Coach..

The Las Vegas Raiders have wrapped up the 2023-2024 NFL regular season and have now turned their attention to the offseason and the many challenges the team must overcome.

Interimcoach Antonio Pierce addressed the media to officially end the 2023-2024 season. Raider Nation wants owner Mark Davis to make him permanent coach and keep Champ Kelly as GM. Interim Head Coach Antonio Pierce

Q: Now that everything is confirmed, what is the feedback and conversation with Mark Davis and what is the current timeline?

Coach Pierce: “Yeah, the feedback definitely comes after every game. We had good, long conversations about the game, different decisions, things that happened in the game. To answer the time frame question, it’s just a walkthrough process. “I think I’ll be notified if that happens.”

Q: This is a frequently asked question. Do you plan to be able to say “I’m thinking about training, hi” when you meet him?

Have you done this before? Or where are you in the process? “Yeah, honestly, I had nine games to play and I focused on those nine games to get as many wins as possible and put myself in the best position possible,” Coach Pierce said. Put pen to paper and think. After you pass an exit interview, a physical exam, and a staff meeting, you get down to business. “But the main goal is to finish this season well 23-24 and push myself if I get there.”

Q: After last night’s game, you said there are resources and legends in the locker room. What does it mean, especially for the players, to get a chance to see these guys?

Coach Pierce said, “No, it was great. Again, I know we talked about it in one of our team meetings and when I saw C-Wood [Charles Woodson] and Marcus Allen and [Jim] Plunkett in the backfield, I said, ‘Okay, here Go”. Guys, take them up. And that’s something special. I hope they understand what it means to play at a high level, to put on the uniform and stand in front of the people who have done it.

They are victorious. Most importantly, if you look at them, they’ve done well after football. I think it’s good to experience such an environment, especially when there are such cases around you. “It was good for the players, the people who have come this far, to see what we’re building and what we’re doing.”

Q: To follow up on the question I just got, most people now call you to ask for a job. Alumni and players vote for the Once a Raider, Always a Raider organization.Whatdoes it mean to you now that great people are saying, “Hey, this is our guy?”

“Yeah, let me go back to my statement a few weeks ago,” Coach Pierce said. My resume is on the lawn. Every day I stood there in front of the ladies and gentlemen on the grass. Practice areas, conferences and buildings.

I mean, I’m grateful every day. And they know what it looks like. They have had very good coaches throughout their careers. They know if it’s a real, fake, temporary arrangement, what it sounds like, what it looks like. So it’s definitely humbling to have their blessings and support.”

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