Jason Cabinda blast Jason Whitlock for……

The Detroit Lions’ Week 17 loss to the Dallas Cowboys has been marred by controversy. 

Much has been made about the illegal touching penalty called on Taylor Decker and whether or not he reported as an eligible receiver prior to the two-point conversion penalty. 

In video of the moment, Decker can be seen approaching the official along with Penei Sewell. Dan Skipper is running onto the field in that direction but does not appear to say anything to the official. 

Because three linemen were around the official at that point, the Lions were viewed by the NFL as engaging in “deception and gamesmanship.” This sentiment was also presented by columnist and podcaster Jason Whitlock, who blamed the Lions for the confusion. 

“The Lions succeeded in creating confusion. Three linemen — 58, 68 and 70 — all walk/run toward the ref,” Jason Whitlock wrote on social media. “How many Lions does it take to report 1 lineman as eligible? 68 needed a personal escort from 58? 70 ran onto the field making a beeline for the ref as if he’s reporting eligible, just like he had earlier in the game. Stadium is loud. Three guys move toward you. One of them (70) briefly makes hand gesture like he’s reporting. Ref announces 70 as reporting eligible. Lions are not victims. Dan Campbell wanted confusion and he got confusion. He should’ve kicked the XP after the penalty. Dan Campbell screwed up.”

However, former Lions’ fullback Jason Cabinda responded by explaining the nuances behind the decision. As Cabinda pointed out, the decision to have multiple players near the official protects the offense from the defense knowing exactly who is eligible. 

“Gotta be one of the laziest takes I’ve seen,” Cabinda wrote in response to Whitlock. “Anyone who really knows football and knows about plays like this knows that sending only one OL to the referee for a 2 pt conversion where the defense is stagnant and can see everything going on is like telling on yourself pre-snap.”

Cabinda was waived by the Lions on Friday but has continued to support the team in various social media posts since Saturday’s game.

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