Report: NFL Views Detroit Lions Engaged in ……

Despite former NFL coaches and many pundits expressing the Detroit Lions were on the wrong end of the one of the most egregious calls in league history, there are reportedly no current plans to change how linemen report as eligible. 

According to Pro Football Talk, “Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the NFL does not plan to change the procedure for players reporting as eligible. The league views the situation as an effort by the Lions to engage in deception and gamesmanship that backfired.”

Former NFL Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino riled up Lions supporters when he partially blamed the players for the official being confused regarding who was actually reporting as eligible. 

“When 70 is coming out, as if he’s going to report, then Brad Allen is assuming, ‘Okay, 70, you’re reporting.’ He’s got 68 and 58 in front of him. The players have to, right, normally that’s a swipe, I’m eligible. So, there’s some responsibility on the players, but there’s also responsibility on the referee,” Blandino said. “It’s a two-point try for the game. There’s no reason to rush. Slow it down, make sure, ‘Hey, who’s eligible? Who isn’t?’ You go to the defense, you let the defense know and maybe we could’ve avoided some of this.”

This morning, former Patriots defensive back Jason McCourty credited the Lions for scheming up a play to disguise their intentions on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football.” 

As the controversy has heated up, there does not appear to any sense the NFL will apologize publicly to Dan Campbell or his 11-5 team. 

If there is any solace for supporters of the Lions, Brad Allen’s crew has been demoted and will not be working in the postseason. 

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