Win ‘Means Nothing Unless We Take Care of Business’

Another quarterback. Maybe the ending would be different? Last year, Aaron Rodgers went 4-8 and led the Packers to four straight wins, but he wasn’t up to the task. The Packers lost a home game against the Detroit Lions in Week 18. This year, Jordan Love took the Packers from 2-5 to 6-8. The Packers, who lost 33-10 to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday night, will play the Chicago Bears at home on Sunday. That history is not lost on Packers coach Matt LaFleur.

“There’s going to be a lot of great performances tonight, but we know what’s in store and it won’t mean anything until we get back to work next week at Lambeau,” he said. “A year ago, we faced a similar situation and we couldn’t do it. So we know it’s going to be a big challenge.”This is not the language of coaching. The Bears have won four of their last five games. At 7-9, they’re out of the playoff race, but it’s clear they’re looking to end years of misery by playing spoiler.

Including a 38-20 blowout of Chicago in Week 1, LaFleur is 9-0 against the Bears. “If you look at Chicago from Week 1 to where they are now, I think they’ve improved more than any team,” LaFleur said. “Obviously they’ve been doing really well, especially in the last few weeks they’ve made a lot of progress, so we know it’s going to be a big challenge. “We know we’re going to have our best shot and I’m sure they’d like nothing more than to knock us out of the playoffs.” Jordan Love orchestrated the turnaround for the Packers.

From the Week 10 win over the Chargers to the Week 16 win over the Panthers, Love ranked third in the NFL in passer rating. On Sunday night against the Vikings, he went 24-of-33 for 256 yards. He threw three touchdown passes (his fifth of the game, three total touchdowns and zero interceptions) and ran for another. Making the playoffs “means a lot,” Love said. “It’s the same thing we’ve been working on in the offseason, in training camp, to get ready for the playoffs. “The whole year has not been easy.

There were many ups and downs, many setbacks and you never knew what was going to happen this year. Because there were no expectations, everyone kept trying to find ways to improve, and now I believe our destiny is in our own hands. So, I’m excited to get down to business next week.” The season is on its way. Win your playoffs and control your destiny.

Losses and eliminations – The Packers were 23-3 at halftime and dominated from all points of view. It wasn’t just love. Aaron Jones rushed for 120 yards, Bo Melton had 105 receiving yards and the defense had four sacks and forced two turnovers. “I’m proud of the effort of the guys in the locker room and I’m really happy for them,” LaFleur said. “But it won’t mean anything if we don’t take care of business next Sunday.” »

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