VIDEO: Radio call from final moments of…

Detroit Lions radio announcer Dan Miller has been a gift to fans for decades. Now that the Lions have finally turned the corner, Miller’s passionate and emotional radio call is available for all to see thanks to the Lions social media team.

The Lions released a five-minute video Monday night of Miller’s best calls from the team’s historic playoff win against the Los Angeles Rams. Despite a few highlights, more than half of the video is devoted to the final moments of the game.

Jared Goff plays Amon-Ra St. Not only do you get to hear Miller’s booming voice as he sends Brown off, but you’re with him for the next 150 seconds when the announcer takes the stage.

Cheers, fans. And it wraps up a wonderful evening at Goff’s. Here’s an excerpt from the final clip:”Here you go. Goff working shotgun, second back and #9 positions. 2 more minutes. Goff is there, he turns, he looks, he throws… he’s caught! Amon-Ra St.

Brown! First appearance! This is! This is! This is! Jared GOFF takes over his former team! Now you need to bend your knees three times. Game over!”The video then guides you through the final three parts of the game as Miller’s voice repeatedly breaks with the emotional weight of the moment.

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