(VIDEO) Liverpool fans shake their heads again at referee controversy….

The only consistent thing about refereeing at the highest level of English football is inconsistency.That must have been how Liverpool fans felt after witnessing Marlo Gusteau’s shocking criticism during Chelsea’s Premier League clash with Fulham this afternoon.

The Blues defender closed in on Willian, failed to make contact with the ball and caught the Brazilian winger above the ankle with a protruding pin. This foul earned Anthony Taylor a yellow card and a subsequent VAR review upheld the on-field decision. Now compare that to when Curtis Jones was sent off in September when Liverpool lost 2-1 to Tottenham.

Reds midfielder Yves Bissouma was caught on the shin and, despite the striker sliding over the ball and making contact with a Spurs player, Simon Hooper changed the first yellow card to red after consulting the VAR monitor. It wasn’t the only red card handed out to a Liverpool player this season.

Think back to the first home game against Bournemouth in August, when Alexis McAllister was left with a red eye after a foul on Ryan Christie. The Argentinian wasn’t even at his best when he cut the cherry and was shocked when he was knocked out by Thomas Bramall.

So much so that the Reds’ decision was overturned on appeal and the former Brighton midfielder was sent off. You should be suspended.

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