Sean Payton’s Final Decisions on Broncos’ coaching staff…

During Tuesday’s postseason press conference, Denver Broncos coach Sean Payton said the team will begin evaluating players (and coaches) next week.

Payton did not respond to questions about the future of certain players or the job security of certain coaches because evaluations are still pending.

“It’s the second day of Sunday,” Payton said. “I understand that there will be questions with the personnel, but we have not yet started the discussions with the personnel on the players’ side or the coaches’ side. That’s where we are right now, but we’ll get a chance to take a hard look at all of this.

Payton, general manager George Paton and team owner/CEO Greg Penner will meet next week before making any major personnel or roster decisions. As a result, Payton didn’t want to answer questions about it during his season-ending press conference.

“Like I said, the challenge with this print is that the question is always a good question, but the cart is before the horse,” Payton said. “There are two weeks left. I spend time with George, Greg and our coordinators. Like our programs, we carefully consider what we do. “Again, it’s still too early to start discussions,” he said.The most outstanding coach in 2023 was defensive coordinator Vance Joseph.

Denver’s defense had a historically poor start to the season before rebounding in the second half of the season. The future of Joseph and the rest of Payton’s coaches appears to be undecided.

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