UPDATE Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Divisional Round Odds…

This Green Bay Packers team is young, confident and playing their best football at a good time. They may have fired Mike McCarthy for the second time after embarrassing the Dallas Cowboys. Suddenly, the Pack looks like a great team that could make it to Super Bowl LVIII.

Below we discuss the latest updates on the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl odds for the divisional round. Before we get into the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Divisional Round update, we need to discuss this promotion that new users can claim using Underdog Fantasy promo code FLURRY for the NFL Playoffs. After an impressive finish to the regular season, the Green Bay Packers entered the playoffs as the 7 seed.

The win during Wild Card Weekend made them the first seed to win an NFL playoff game. They also saw their chances of winning the Super Bowl increase. The latest Green Bay Packers Super Bowl odds updates give them 2,800 odds to win it all. That means a $10 bet on the Packers to win the Super Bowl would pay $280. Yes, the Packers have a tough task ahead of them this weekend when they play the 49ers in San Francisco.

However, if Green Bay pulls off a comeback win, a trip to Super Bowl LVIII is certainly possible. NumberFire currently gives the Packers just a 30.7% chance to win the game.

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