SEXUAL SCANDAL: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Accused Packers’ Player Of SEXUAL Harassment.

A Dallas Cowboys quarterback said Green Bay Packers players disrespected him and other cheerleaders during Sunday’s Packers-Cowboys playoff game.”In five years of being an NFL cheerleader, I’ve never seen players on another team disrespect a cheerleader,” Darian Lassiter said in a TikTok video posted Wednesday night.

He cited examples of players coming up to him and his teammates when the Packers scored, who he said stood on the sidelines, yelling at them and putting them in front to “mind our business our”.Several of Lassiter’s colleagues echoed their frustration in the comments of the video, writing: “Shocked they were so rude to us” and “But we have to accept the rudeness.” “They brought tears to my eyes,” one team member wrote.

Lassiter said yelling is considered unsportsmanlike conduct and players can be fined thousands of dollars for it. “It’s so crazy that you can’t do that with cowboys or other athletes, but nothing happens with cheerleaders,” he said. “I know the play-offs are a big deal. I really understand. But this does not mean that humility and respect for women have disappeared.

Neither the Cowboys nor the Packers immediately responded to requests for comment.Some NFL cheerleaders have fought for fair pay and equal treatment in recent years, but many say they’ve been afraid to speak out for fear NFL teams might fire them without making changes.

In 2014, some Buffalo Bills cheerleaders sued the team, citing unfair wages and poor working conditions. A few days later, the Bills suspended the cheerleader. Even after 10 years, they did not return.Green Bay won Sunday’s game 48-32. Lassiter finished the video and now that the Cowboys are out of the playoffs, he follows every team except the Packers.

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