Top Pick: Detroit Lions Jameson Williams Top Defensive End to Dallas Cowboys.

The Detroit Lions offense has a high level of production that can be achieved with wide receiver Jameson Williams in place.In its second year, usage has seen a spike in usage in recent weeks.

He had 9 hits in his last 2 games after having just 13 hits in his last 11 games. Before Saturday night’s game against the Dallas Cowboys, Williams could be a mainstay in the game plan as the Lions look explosive. Michigan senior letterman Drew Ellis believes Williams will have a significant impact on Saturday’s game.”The Detroit Lions will face a huge challenge when they host a Dallas Cowboys team at home on Saturday night,” Ellis told All Lions.

“If the Lions are going to be successful, they need to continue to attack when they get the chance. That’s where Jason Williams comes in.” Williams has caught 22 passes for 285 yards and two touchdowns this season. Additionally, his 19-yard touchdown performance against the New Orleans Saints demonstrates his prowess as a running back.The Lions use him in a unique way, making him an end zone threat every time he touches the ball.

“Williams has earned the trust of Ben Johnson and Jared Goff because he’s been targeted 13 times over the last two games,” Ellis said. “Not only is Williams improving as a pass receiver, but he continues to make plays every time he touches the ball. “As his NFL receiver skills improve and he continues to be a carry threat, I expect Williams to have at least 32 receptions and rushing yards (-115) Saturday night.”

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