Report: Lions CB Cameron Sutton ‘firm decision on playing time’ for Cowboy game.

Dallas Cowboys (11-4) Dallas Cowboys (10-5) Saturday evening and Saturday night, especially Cameron Sutton Bords that offers extension. Sutton was completely trained on Tuesday and Wednesday, seemed to be ambiguous on Thursday and was injured.

According to Jozina Anderson, the rich man of the NFL, the lack of Sutton was caused by a finger injury. In other words, as Jeremy Susman said, the biggest potential of the game is easy. Sutton. If he can’t play, the Lions will likely split the starts between Khalil Dorsey, Kindle Wildor, Will Harris and the recently benched Jerry Jacobs.

On the plus side, the Lions have made some roster moves recently, including waiving cornerback Chase Lucas, but haven’t added any cornerback depth. That’s what the Lions would have done if they knew Sutton wouldn’t be available. The Lions are expected to announce any team changes around 4pm on match day. However, with only Craig James, who has a career start in 2019, at cornerback on the practice squad, the Lions can rely on the personnel currently on the roster.

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