The Lions now face their toughest opponent yet.

Here it is. The Detroit Lions ended a 30-year streak without winning a division title. When you think about it, you can see how happy and excited this team is. They wanted to check a box and they did on Sunday. Now comes the hard part. The idea is to stay hungry and move on to the next box.

This season is not over yet and the Lions still have a chance to do big things. If they win the last two games, they can win the two seed. If they do that and the 49ers lose one more game, the Lions will have the same seed and playoff berth and have home-field advantage in the playoffs. This is huge. But they need to make sure they don’t rest on their laurels. Fortunately, Lions coach Dan Campbell knows this. “For us, the challenge now is contentment and contentment.”

Campbell said. “Look, we will fight from now on. They know that. We have a meeting in a moment, and there are some smart people who understand this. Because with all these questions, I understand why you’re asking and why it’s a big conversation. Because 30 years have passed. If we keep talking about it, we will respond by letting go and living in the moment. And not being able to make it to the next level is no different than what happened in the playoffs. You won big in the playoffs, but you don’t have time to enjoy it. You will need to prepare:

This is where we find ourselves. It is a very good thing. I wish I had more time to enjoy it, but I don’t and let’s move on. We must want more and we must be hungry. Otherwise you won’t get the next one.” Simple. This game against the Cowboys could be an even bigger deal than last week’s game. Yes, the Lions won their first division in 30 years. I want to be the first to tell you that this was the most important game in Lions history.

Now, the Lions are in a place where every game is the biggest game in Lions history.If the Lions can beat the Cowboys, they will once again prove to the world that they are for real and move closer to a two or one seed. Then they have a massive matchup in Week 18 and could be the top pick if things go the right way. Then they should get their first playoff win since 1991. After that, its importance will continue to grow.We’ll see which team comes out on Saturday. Amazing things can happen when you’re hungry.

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