Sex Noises Interrupt NBA Star’s Press Conference—And He Plays It Perfectly…

On Thursday, Dallas Mavericks player Luka Dončić was speaking to the media about his team’s NBA playoff triumph when he was interrupted by what appeared to be sex noises.

Dončić glanced up wide-eyed and lowered his head, stifling laughing.

“I hope that’s not live,” he joked.

It’s unclear where the groaning sounds came from or who made them.

Mavericks writer Grant Afseth said on X, the former Twitter, that the incident was “definitely the weirdest start to a press conference I’ve ever experienced.”

The Mavericks’ joy with their performance may not be the same as that of someone experiencing sensual pleasure, but the squad nonetheless had a lot to be thrilled about.

Dončić’s 29 points, 10 rebounds, and 7 assists helped Dallas even their Western Conference semifinal series at one game each with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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