SAD GAME: Multiple Injury Packers rule Star questionable for Return..

The Green Bay Packers, a few points ahead of the Dallas Cowboys, are a quarter away from advancing to the second round of the NFL playoffs.

Despite the good news on the scoreboard, the Packers thought cornerback Jaire Alexander’s return was questionable after his ankle re-aggravated late in the third quarter. The star defensive lineman was forced to sit out the game after twisting his ankle during light practice on Wednesday. He did not participate in Friday’s practice because of shoulder and ankle injuries.

Green Bay’s first-half competition against the Cowboys’ explosive offense was tremendous. He intercepted Dak Prescott for a big performance. He almost gave up six points, but the refs called it quits after an interception. However, the Packers offense made it a big seven with Aaron Jones’ second touchdown of the game. Alexander has struggled with injuries this season. He played in just seven games, including three with a back injury.

Coincidentally, he was injured during practice when he collided with practice squad linebacker Alex McGough, who was playing safety.Alexander also missed six games with the Packers with shoulder problems. But last Sunday, he bounced back in the Packers’ all-important win over the Bears and clinched a wild card berth. He was in charge of all defense.

Green Bay is lucky to have a two-point lead against Dallas, as it will likely play in the fourth quarter without quarterback Isaiah McDuffie. McDuffie struck out six times before being ejected.

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