Officiating crew from Lions controversial loss reportedly expected to face punishment

The crew is expected to receive punishment in the form of demotion from the NFL and elimination from the playoffs. This may not seem like a big deal, and I understand that. It doesn’t matter to the Lions and their fans. But this is a big problem for civil servants. They will lose playoff salaries and playoff benefits.

They had much more success in the playoffs. So take some solace in the fact that no one is benefiting from this ridiculous moment. If you had to summarize exactly what happened, it would be this: Taylor Decker tackled Allen and informed him that a two-point conversion was possible, and instead Allen decided it was Dan Skipper 25 yards away from the call and said nothing. .

When he left, he informed Decker of his condition.He then got a surprise when the ineligible lined up as ineligible and threw a flag. The Lions earned a potential 21-20 victory over the No. 1 seed. 1 in their rivalry with the Cowboys. NFC. He did all this despite Dan Campbell playing him before the game started. This is incompetence of the worst kind.

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