NFL Great Airs Strong Opinion on Raiders, Pierce

The Las Vegas Raiders and owner Mark Davis welcomed one of the greatest players in pro football history, J.J. Watt said on the Pat McAfee Show:“By the way, they (Raiders) need to hire A.P. (Antonio Pierce).

Why do you have a question? I don’t know why there is nothing. AP There must be a trainer there. What should I consider? “Watts seemed to be responding to our screams of a few weeks ago.

Yes, there is the Rooney Rule, but it wasn’t created because of the Raiders and the Davis family. I said they should hire minorities Davis Pierce and Champ Kelly. But more importantly, he hired the best two men for the job and called the NFL like his father did, telling them they should punish Silver and Black.

My mentor and friend Rich Gosselin, considered by many to be the greatest NFL reporter of all time, agrees. He said, “That’s the precedent his (Mark Davis) father (Al) set. If he (Pierce and Kelly) wants to get it, let the league worry about it.”Watt said: “If A.P. Who would be upset if he was appointed coach? Do you have fans? Not.

Are there players? No media? Not. Who would be upset if AP was the lowest ranked coach?I disagree with Watt. They’ll make sure the press is mad at them because they’re mad at me for suggesting it.Watt continued: “The athletes are fully engaged and vocally supported so that every step can be monitored.

I don’t know what harm it will do if we keep it like this. Especially if you’ve tried several different trainers over the years and none of them seem to work. Let’s say it doesn’t work. Everyone is on board. I’d rather try someone everyone agrees with and fail than do something crazy and fail.

Then people will say, “Why wasn’t I with the person we all wanted?”Watt echoed sentiments muttered by many. “It’s not that hard.”But I think it might be possible. “If you’re the Raiders, he reflects what they want as an organization. Who are they? This fits great. “It was just the mentality and the reaction of the fans.”But Watts wasn’t done yet.

Frustrated by the ownership of the Silver and Black, he added: “The Raiders have the best fan base and they cater very specifically to very specific types of people. A. P. We achieved everything we wanted to support as an organization: fan base, black hole, etc. Everything seems to be under control. “Give him the keys,” he said.

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