JUST IN: Raiders Finally Appoints New Head Coach…

The Raiders are looking for their next head coach, but it may take some time to find one.According to CBS Sports insider Jonathan Jones, the Raiders have not yet issued interview requests for head coaching candidates.

As Jones mentioned, the Raiders have the longest tenure as a head coach in the league, but one of the reasons they haven’t had head coaching interviews is because they don’t know who will fill the head coaching job. interview.The Raiders have not named a general manager and there has been much speculation that the Raiders will engage in the hiring process even after they have a GM.

Many believe owner Mark Davis wants to hire a general manager first, but it’s no secret that he has been working to determine which potential general manager would work with the best coaching candidate. In that respect, it doesn’t seem to be much different than it was two years ago. Dave Ziegler was hired because he knew the Raiders would select Josh McDaniels as their general manager.

It would be naive to think that Ziegler will take the Raiders GM job without knowing that McDaniels is coming with him. The Raiders may not be behind schedule in their general manager and head coaching searches, but it would be helpful to fill those positions sooner rather than later.

Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter discussed some of these benefits on the Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast on Thursday.

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