New Average ticket price for Lions-Bucs playoff game..

Football fans are listening, especially those planning to watch the NFC Divisional Round game between the Detroit Lions and Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Ford Field.

Get ready to shell out some serious coins. Ticket sales for the highly anticipated Lions-Buccaneers game have surged in recent days. This shows how excited fans are for the game and is a great opportunity for organizers to capitalize on this.

FOX Sports shared data from that shows the average Ford Field admission price for fans hit a record $1,186. The unexpected price hike makes the Lions-Bucs game the most expensive divisional game in NFL history. That beat the previous best, a $605 game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys in Week 5 of 2023.

Here are the average ticket prices for the Detroit Lions vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC Divisional Round playoff game.

TickPick: $640–$12,962 plus ticket fees.

Ticketmaster: $576–$9,838, including ticket fees.

SeatGeek: $665–$6,875 including ticket fees.

VividSeats: $475–$3,871 plus ticket fees.

StubHub: $717–$12,149, including ticket fees.

Gametime: $512–$6,523 plus ticket fees.

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