JUST IN: NFL media Reveal candidate to be OC for Raiders…

The 2024 offseason continues for several teams, including the Las Vegas Raiders. While they can’t begin recruiting new players in any form yet, the hiring process for head coach and general manager is ongoing, and the Raiders are expected to have new players for both positions by 2024.

This time of year is full of rumors, but when isn’t there a time when rumors aren’t circulating about the NFL turning a top TV show into a dramatic product every week? I think it’s better. Whether it’s Jim Harbaugh or another candidate, the rumors keep turning to the silver and black.

Now we’re hearing that the former NFL head coach could be in the running for the offensive coordinator job if the Raiders hire Antonio Pierce as their full-time head coach. Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports reports that sources say former Arizona Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury could be the next Raiders offensive coordinator if the Raiders retain Pierce.

Based on what we know about Cowherd, who isn’t exactly an insider, but is the head of a major sports media outlet who simply hides his opinions to get clicks, that may not be true at all. Cowherd has been in the industry for a while, so let’s give him credit for caring about it.But I will say Kingsbury as offensive coordinator seems like a good idea for the Raiders.

He was the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals for four years, including an 11-6 season in 2021 in which the offense averaged 26 points per game and was 11th best in the league.He’s had some bad luck as a head coach, but since his role is much smaller, he could be a good offensive coordinator.

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