Detroit Lions tight end Jared Goff faces a tough challenge at defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys.

Navigating the Dallas Cowboys defense will be a difficult task for Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff.The veteran quarterback had a strong performance for the second straight game, leading the team to two wins and throwing six touchdowns without an interception.

Now he has the task of facing one of the best defenders in the league. Running back Micah Parsons has established himself as one of the game’s elite this season with 13.0 sacks, one fumble recovery and 15 tackles for loss. He made a big impact the last time the two teams met in Week 7 last season. Parsons recorded six tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble in the Cowboys’ 24-6 victory.What makes Parsons special is his versatility, as the Cowboys can use him in a variety of ways. Because of this, the lions will have to adapt to the position they have on the field to be successful.

“Yeah, it moves quite a bit. I think the advantage they have with him is they can move him,” Goff explained. “They can get the ball out, they can put it on the ball, they can put it on the ball. I do different things to him. “He’s a dangerous player, he’s a good player, he can do a lot and we have to know where he is.” When Diggs was lost for the season with a torn ACL, Daron Bland stepped in and made the difference.Bland has eight punts this season, five of which were returned for touchdowns.

The quarterback has 13 career interceptions in 32 games and shows a knack for finding the football.”He is very opportunistic. He makes those plays when they come and seems to take them all home,” Goff said. “It’s a good thing that he played well as a defender, but yes, he played well. He hit the ball, he had the skills to hit the ball. I think he has NFL records, right? Most were returned. I can not believe. This is a testament to the kind of player he is and is. He’s got ball skills.”

Overall, Dallas’ defense has 13 offensive tackles on the year. Their pass rush and coverage are mixed, and the playmakers on both units, Goff and company, will struggle Saturday. we don’t see. However, the Lions have played well against strong defenses in recent weeks in Denver and Minnesota. As a result, the offense is confident in Week 17. “Yes, absolutely. The last two weeks, we’ve been looking at the turnover stats of each defense on a weekly basis to see how well they’re carrying the ball,” Goff explained.

“Then we came in and had good possession for two games in a row and yeah, that affects the game too. But what we always remember is to take care of the ball and give the team the best chance to win. But this defense was good and we have work to do.”Jameson Williams has been key to the Lions’ offensive success in recent weeks. He has recorded nine receptions in his last two games after failing to record more than two catches in his previous nine games.The increase is due to increased confidence in crime. Now Goff trusts him as much as any receiver.

“He has embraced that role. I trust him with everything he’s doing right now,” Goff said. “He did a great job getting there. Again, it’s just repetition and time. He is still a young player. He is still learning and growing. He continues to do this every week. That’s exciting for me and it’s going to be exciting for our offense.

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