Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell suffered a controversial loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Saturday Night Football between the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions was one for the history books, mostly because of how it ended. The Lions scored a touchdown with seconds left in the fourth quarter to cut the deficit to 20-19. Instead of taking an extra point to tie the game, the Lions decided to use a two-point conversion. They eventually threw the ball to offensive lineman Taylor Decker, who scored what would have been the game-winner, but the NFL refs saw it differently. 

Dan Campbell AnswersThe play was eventually called due to an illegal touching penalty, and officials said Decker did not report as an eligible receiver. Detroit fans were confused as to why the team was unhappy with the call. After the game was lost 20–19 to Detroit, video evidence showed that Decker was in fact an eligible receiver, sparking much controversy among NFL fans and analysts.

Lions coach Dan Campbell appeared upset about the situation and held back during his postgame press conference. The Detroit Lions stole the win.Campbell then walked around the stage and even threw a piece of paper on the table in front of him. As seen with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and head coach Andy Reid, he went out of his way to avoid questions about a controversial call that could have avoided a huge fine.

Detroit falls to 11-5, but remains the NFC North champion and is guaranteed a playoff berth. The NFL could be in serious trouble when the video evidence is released and everyone says the league is screwed. Will the NFL be held accountable for referee mistakes or will they not address the situation and cause further confusion?

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