Brian Kelly Rumored to be New Michigan Wolverines Coach if Jim Harbaugh Abandons Michigan for NFL in 2024

Amid the annual rumors that Michigan Wolverineshead coach Jim Harbaugh may be departing Ann Arbor for an NFL coaching job, LSU Tigers head coach Brian Kelly emerged as a potential favorite to replace Harbaugh, according to LSU insider Matt Moscona.

In an article from AthlonSports, Moscona displayed the confidence he has in this rumor.

insider Billy Liucci outlined a similar sentiment in November. Liucci, who broke the news of the firing of Jimbo Fisher, discussed Kelly’s future on “

” with Jacob Hester and Chris Doering.

“There’s a couple people in coaching that told me, ‘Hey, watch out for Brian Kelly. He’s not a perfect fit there in Baton Rouge. He might be pursuing that Michigan job if it comes open,’” Liucci told the show.

For the last three years as the head coach of Michigan, there have been substantial rumors of a potential departure for the NFL. Harbaugh stayed put following those rumors, but the rumors are churning once again.

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