BREAKING NEWS: The 49ers vs. Ravens game plan? “Break up, Brock Purdy!” Says……….

The 49ers vs. Ravens game plan? “Break up, Brock Purdy

!” Says Michael Irvin of the Cowboys


The top two teams in the conference square off on Monday night football between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens.

Given that both teams are 11-3 on the year, some may see this matchup as a “Super Bowl” preview.

With a winning run of four games, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens boast the top-ranked defense in terms of points allowed per game (16.1) and the fourth-ranked offense in terms of points scored (27.4).

However, the 49ers offense, which boasts weapons like Christan McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, George Kittle, and Brandon Aiyuk, is ranked third in terms of points scored per game (30.4). How can Mike Macdonald’s defense slow down this offense?

Michael Irvin, the legendary Dallas Cowboy, has a way. “You cannot allow him to use these weapons,” Irvin stated during NFL Network’s GameDay Morning. “You need to go after Brock Purdy and give him a difficult time immediately. The Baltimore Ravens’ defensive line will not be able to slow down that attack in any other way if they are to win this football game unless they get to Brock Purdy. However, Superman must remain Superman, and in the end, Lamar Jackson accomplished something amazing. That sounds fine in principle, but Purdy has only been sacked 26 times this season; therefore, the first task for Baltimore if they want to win away from home is to make Purdy uncomfortable.




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