BREAKING: Lions’ next game suspended, New date…….

Happy New Year! The Detroit Lions are playoff bound, but they have to do one more thing and that’s play the Minnesota Vikings at home on Sunday. But when is that game? We now have our answer. The Lions will be taking on the Vikings this Sunday at 1:00PM ET. 

In case you’re confused by this, the NFL waits till Week 17 to schedule its final slate of games for the regular season. You might have noticed that every game had a T.B.D next to it. All games are now scheduled. 

No night game for the Lions this time. Even though this one has playoff implications for both teams, the NFL went with the Bills and Dolphins and Texans and Colts for their night games. That’s ok though, the Lions will get their normal 1:00 schedule and you get to enjoy your night since the game should be done around 5:00 or so.

A couple reminders. The Lions will be donning their blue helmets and silver uniforms in this game. They announced that before the season. This could be the last time we see this combination since it’s believed that the Lions could be unveiling new uniforms for the 2024 season.

Other one. If you’re an NFL fan in general and you just love watching football, remember that there is no Monday game this week. The season ends on Sunday night after that Bills and Dolphins game. Then Monday is Black Monday. The day that teams usually part ways with coaches. The Ben Johnson speculation will go into overdrive that day. Be prepared.

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