Why VAR might not be used in Liverpool Carabao Cup semi-final clashes…

VAR will not be used in the Carabao Cup semi-finals as Middlesbrough do not have technology on the pitch.Liverpool face Fulham at Anfield on Wednesday and Chelsea travel to the Riverside on Tuesday, but video support is not available.

“To maintain fairness and consistency, VAR technology will not be used in this season’s Carabao Cup semi-finals as none of the participating clubs have installed VAR technology,” the EFL website said in a statement. “This is consistent with the early rounds of the competition this season where VAR was available in some areas but not all.”One argument is that it could be used in 3 out of 4 matches as 3 out of 4 are Premier League matches.

However, the EFL decided this was unfair as they wanted a level playing field. People have pointed out how Premier League clubs use VAR in the FA Cup, but no other clubs use it and no changes have been made to the competition.It was decided that it would be better and fairer for the EFL not to use the technology for all games rather than just one, and the original plan was to use it for the semi-finals and finals at Wembley.

A spokesman told the Telegraph: “VAR will not be used in the semi-final as the technology was not available at Middlesbrough.” As a result, it was deemed fair not to use him in any of the four semi-finals. The FA took a different approach (in the FA Cup) but I thought it was the right approach. If it cannot be used in any match, it cannot be used in any of the four semi-finals.

However, because Wembley is equipped with technology, VAR will be used in the final regardless of who is playing.

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