What is Lions’ biggest offseason need?

The Lions have bigger needs this offseason than the offensive line, however, and would be wise to allocate their cap space toward upgrades defensively. Primarily, the secondary and pass-rush need a boost.

Detroit’s defense has struggled to connect their success in rush and coverage all season. This has been a point of emphasis with defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn, who has recently experimented with unique blitzes in an effort to generate more heat on opposing passers. 

The Lions would benefit from adding at least one more player in each area. The team signed Cam Sutton to be the top cornerback, but he’s struggled to stay in front of top-tier wideouts. 

Sutton has allowed 52 completions on 79 targets this season for 742 yards and four touchdowns. He has a 116.2 passer rating against, which signals the Lions could still improve at the position. 

Elsewhere, the Lions have cycled through multiple options opposite Sutton. Jerry Jacobs, Will Harris, Khalil Dorsey and Kindle Vildor have all started games at the position this season. 

A shutdown corner would help alleviate some of the secondary struggles, so that should be a primary area of focus for Holmes this offseason. If the Lions are looking to add this in the Draft, Alabama’s Terrion Arnold and Iowa’s Cooper DeJean are players who could be available late in the first round.  

Still, adding a pass-rusher to put more pressure on quarterbacks would take some of the stress of players working in coverage. 

Addressing the pass-rush should be the top priority. By adding another difference-maker up front, it would take some of the attention off Aidan Hutchinson. The Lions rank 24th in sack percentage, and Hutchinson is the only edge rusher who has more than two sacks. 

Despite facing a variety of extra looks from opponents, Hutchinson has managed 93 pressures and 9.5 sacks in his second NFL season. By getting him a running mate, that attention would have to be diverted and would be a major benefit. 

Life is easier in coverage when quarterbacks are forced to move. Adding a solid pass-rusher would help the struggling secondary tremendously. 

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