(Video) Emile Heskey explains why Liverpool fans have been given the ‘benefit of the doubt’ for 24 years.

Fans Emil Ghee Liverpool explained that, despite many mistakes in his games, they will participate in the “combination”.

Darwin Nunes had to criticize many experts about 18 months ago, and at the age of 24, he agreed to leave his goal in the Premier League.But when he obtained 2-0 Briglika from Bernalie, he had the best finish and showed energy fatigue in the last part of the tired energy with Uruguaya and Koreans and Koreans. Luis Suarz Age. In an interview with The Redmen TV, Heskey urged the Liverpool number nine to match his performance but said the Merseyside faithful would accept any shortcomings in his game because of the “consistency” of the showpiece.

The former Manchester United striker said of Nunes: “The important thing for Liverpool fans is if you work hard, play hard, stay busy, they will give you the benefit of the doubt. This is one of his most important things. There is. Perseverance at it. “Suarez was in a similar situation, but he put up the numbers. The way (Suarez) ran and chased and kicked people, he didn’t give anybody an inch. I think Darwin was like that, but now it is You have to bring in the numbers and be consistent.

“I’ve seen him score, he can score, but it’s just consistency. Very unstable. The goal against Burnley was fantastic. He sent the ball into the goal. Then you see another thing that you think is easy and it overwhelms them. He just needs to get consistency, but the most important thing for him is productivity. The Liverpool fans will support you until the end, so please do your best.

“Perhaps Nunes will always have an unpredictable element to his game and will never be a clinical finisher like Suarez or Mo Salah. But as Heskey said, Liverpool fans will be delighted to see the 24-year-old who doesn’t hesitate to get on the ball and create something for the team. As long as he continues to do so, the Uruguayan will always have the support of the Anfield fans.

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