Updated Detroit Lions Playoff Scenarios

The regular season finale is upon us for the Detroit Lions and the rest of the NFL’s 32 franchises.Although the Lions won the NFC North division title, the team’s first-round playoff opponent has yet to be determined.

In fact, there are several teams that Detroit can face in the postseason.Without further ado, here’s how the All Lions will try to figure out the different scenarios that will play out in Detroit in Week 18. The Lions will receive a no. 2 if:The lions defeated the vikings.

The commander defeated the cowboy.The Giants beat the Eagles.That would give the Lions a chance to face one of five (yes, five) different opponents when the playoffs begin next week.

Here are all the enemies and scenarios to follow.

№1 opponent: Los Angeles Lamrecords49 people and outdated the feetParators won the bear

№ 2 opponents: Green Bay package

# 1 poemRams defeated 49 peopleParators won the bear—

№ 2 scenarioCardinal SeahokPandas defeated the saints’ piecesRams slept with 49 -bit packages.

№3 opponent: Seattle GreatrecordsThe sailors defeated the cardinalbear№ 4 opponents: New Saints OrirecordsSaints defeated FalconCardinal SeahokbearBukani won panthers

№ 5 opponents: Tampa Bay BukannerrecordsThe bookstore connects the pandaCardinal SeahokbearSaints defeated FalconLei

№6. If you are one of the following parameters: 3 seeds:Vikings earn leiCowboy commanderThe eagles beat the giantsIn one of the above, Lions meets Jordan and meets Matthew Stafford and Ram. 

Thereis a scenario you want to play here.

Opponent #1: LA RamsScenario 1The Rams won by 49.-or-Scenario

#2:The Bears beat the Packers.


#2: PackerscenarioThe 49ers beat the Rams.The Packers beat the Bears.

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