TRADES OUT: Packers plan for Aaron Jones in 2024…

After the Green Bay Packers defeated the Dallas Cowboys in the wild card round, the immediate reaction from the national media was praise for Jordan Love, a young quarterback on an incredible trajectory. That said, the light of love overshadowed Aaron Jones, who was playing the best football of his career.

Against the Cowboys, Jones carried the ball 21 times for 118 yards and three touchdowns without AJ Dillion backing him up because of a thumb injury. Over the last four games, Jones has 84 carries (21 per game) for 476 yards (5.7 per carry). Entering the final month of the season, real questions have been raised about whether Jones will return to the team in 2024.

He has one year left on his contract and, at 29, is in rapid decline. He has been a rock in the NFL, dealing with knee and hamstring injuries this season. But after last season, there is no doubt. He should join the team in 2024. Green Bay’s other 2024 options include Dillon, an unrestricted free agent currently on the 53-man roster.

Patrick Taylor, a free agent next season, was released from the practice squad at some point this offseason, and Emanuel Wilson, with 22 total carries, is showing signs of his young NFL career. One of the biggest issues with keeping Jones next season is that his contract is worth $17.6 million through 2024. Unfortunately, most of the money was paid to Jones, an amount that was not still accounted for. .

Subject to the salary cap. For example, if the team decides to sign Jones, he will take $12.3 million off the 2024 salary cap.

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