TRADE OUT: Green Bay Packers key Man Insist to leave today as…

The Green Bay Packers made it official on Monday, announcing that Tyler Davis has been placed on injured reserve.

Davis, the team’s standout offensive lineman, tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in a preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals a week ago. So far, the team has placed him on the 91-man roster.The Packers’ response was to announce they would sign Davis before the season started by signing linebacker Marvin Pierre.

That move was previously announced along with the signing of cornerback Elijah Hamilton. Hamilton’s addition isn’t official yet, but it’s expected to happen Tuesday, the next time the Packers take the practice field. Going back to 91 players, appropriate roster moves will need to be made to make room for Hamilton’s addition.

According to ESPN’s Rob Demowski, the Packers brought the following players to practice with Pierre and Hamilton signed:If Davis was on IR before the final cut, it would be impossible to bring him back for the 2023 season. But that’s always been the case with a torn ACL diagnosis.

Over the past two seasons, Davis has played in 31 games for Green Bay. Of Davis’ 873 tackles, 578 were on special teams, or just over 66 percent. With Davis gone, third-round rookie Tucker Craft is expected to take over at third behind teammate Luke Musgrave and quarterback Josiah Deguara. The roster calculations will be interesting even without Davis.

Because now the team must decide whether to bring in a fourth tight end or a second linebacker to complement Davis’ contributions on special teams. Heading into the Packers’ second preseason game, quarterback Henry Pearson appears to have edged Austin Allen in a close contest, judging by his special teams play.

Davis was the Packers’ first free agent of the offseason, signing with the team just minutes into the new league year. He signed a one-year deal, meaning he will enter the 2024 offseason as an unrestricted free agent.

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