These Two teams can Help Packers make playoff.

It’s all in the eyes of the Green Bay Packers. After escaping Carolina with a win over the Panthers, Green Bay is still in control of its playoff destiny. Eight NFC teams are competing for the playoffs. Green Bay is one of them, but these two teams could help the Packers make the playoffs. Green Bay’s plan is simple.

Beating the Vikings and chasing the Rams and Steelers takes care of business.17 week weightThe Los Angeles Rams need to beat the New York Giants to move on. The Giants are in the offseason, so they will try to play spoiler. New York has played well under Tyrod Taylor, but will look smaller against the Rams in this game. In Week 18, the San Francisco 49ers host the Rams in a game that could decide a few things.

If the Los Angeles Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Seattle Seahawks in Week 17, the Rams will clinch a playoff spot. The game against the 49ers in Week 18 only has playoff implications in this scenario. It should be noted that the Rams have not beaten the 49ers in the 2018 regular season. The Seahawks game against the Steelers was much more important to the Rams. While the Steelers face questions at quarterback, how Pittsburgh approaches Seattle could give them an advantage.

The Steelers are also fighting for a playoff spot and could have found a much-needed spark last week. Mason Rudolph scored 30 or more points in a game in Pittsburgh’s win over the Cincinnati Bengals for the first time since Week 11 of the 2021 season. It’s ridiculous to expect Rudolph to repeat the success he had against Cincinnati in Week 16. But against the Bengals, Rudolph was able to develop talented players to give the offense hope for what it could be. The Steelers’ running game was more effective against Cincinnati.

On the season, Pittsburgh is 5-3 with over 100 yards rushing as a team. Seattle’s defense has given up an average of 129.6 yards per game (per ESPN stats). This is the Steelers weakness. Pickens’ balanced offense and multiple spray plays could be the difference for Pittsburgh against the Seahawks’ defense. For Green Bay, the Steelers beating the Seahawks means one less variable to worry about. Even though the Seahawks beat Arizona in Week 18, a loss to Pittsburgh could end Seattle’s playoff hopes. But for all of that to count, the Packers have to win. It starts Sunday night against the Vikings.

First hour matchThe Vikings could start with questions about rookie quarterback Jaren Hall against Green Bay. On the other hand, just because Minnesota is relying on a backup quarterback against Green Bay doesn’t mean they’re at a disadvantage. From Desmond Reed to Tommy DeVito, relievers have plagued Green Bay for four straight seasons. Minnesota may be looking to the future, but it’s still alive and well in postseason contention.

Green Bay’s game against Minnesota hinges on two things: slowing down Justin Jefferson and feeding Aaron Jones. Jones, the Packers star, has been fouled all season. But with him, the offense on the field is strong and comprehensive. The Packers are 2-0 in the two games Jones has had 20 carries this season. According to ESPN Stats, the Vikings have given up the ninth fewest rushing yards per game. Minnesota also relies on an aggressive defense to stop counterattacks.

Brian Flores has proven to be one of the best running backs of the season, and solving his blitz-heavy scheme will be no small feat for the Packers offense. Without a win on Sunday, the Packers could kiss their playoff hopes goodbye. But if the Rams can take care of business and the Steelers upset the Seahawks, Green Bay will have plenty of motivation when they host the Vikings on Sunday night.

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