The Detroit Lions Offense can make up for Defensive mistakes

Below is an example of national media reaction to Detroit’s Week 16 win over the Minnesota Vikings in the U.S. Bank Stadium.

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Detroit (11-4) is in the playoffs for the first time since 1993, the second longest drought in the NFL. The Lions won the last division that year when it was still the NFC Central. Detroit needs to address its defensive issues, but now is the time to celebrate. The Lions and their fans have been waiting a long time to make the playoffs. It will finally happen in a few weeks.


“After a solid ground attack, the offense looked strong and the Lions won their first Division 1 title since the 1993 season. With two games left in the postseason, Detroit needs to step up its defense even more. Nick Mullens is the fourth starting QB for the Vikings this season and has allowed the secondary to fly. That should worry the Lions as they face good playoff competition.

“Detroit’s defense took it on the chin as the team looked a little shaky in the middle of the season, but they’ve become a more effective and cohesive group in recent games. The Vikings led 30-24 (thanks to Lion’s extra point attempt) with just over two minutes remaining and the ball on their own 12-yard line. Julian Okwara had his first big play on the final drive, sacking Nick Mullens for a 9-yard loss, but the Lions’ John Kominski couldn’t keep the ball loose despite getting his hands on it. On the next play (3rd and 27), Justin Jefferson made a mad dash for the stick on first down and Kominsky’s fumble turned into an unfortunate play. But Ifeato Melifonwu, who was everywhere Sunday and has shown his power recently, caught a pass from Mullens to Jefferson at the 5-yard line and sealed a franchise-changing road win over their rival. That was one of four interceptions by the Lions and they had four sacks from Mullens. After allowing the Vikings to take the lead on the first play of the second half, Detroit’s defense forced a 3-on-3 INT, a punt (stopped at the Minnesota 10-yard line) and a fumble. . – Continue to select to complete.

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