The club are expecting a ‘million dollar’ sum from a Liverpool move. This will be a great help for Christmas.

Barranquilla’s Colombian prospect received a Christmas present from Liverpool with the signing of Luis Diaz.

This is how Junior secured solidarity commissions for the Liverpool star, according to Caracol Radio and journalist Marcelo B. Sellares. They explain that Junior will earn “a millionaire’s money” thanks to the signing of Diaz de la Porto from Liverpool last January. The Colombian club previously filed a complaint with FIFA to claim part of the contract.

Diaz through cooperative mechanisms and intermediaries. They finally won the lawsuit earlier this year and will now receive different amounts until 2024. Sellares detailed this on social media. According to him, the junior will receive 8,009,794 euros from the contract of 45 million euros, which will be paid in several installments. The first installment is €2,550,000, followed by two separate payments of €1,019,897.

Three further payments of €1,140,000 will bring the total payment set by FIFA to €8,009,794.It’s a significant achievement for the Colombian side, who are hoping to build a squad capable of competing on multiple fronts with the cash from the Liverpool star’s move.

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