Second-half rankings show just how….

Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers are set to face their biggest game of the 2023 NFL season on Sunday. After what has been a roller-coaster season, the team is just one win away from punching a ticket to the playoffs. A win over the Chicago Bears in Week 18 would guarantee them the No. 7 seed and could help ensure them the No. 6 seed in the NFC playoff picture.

None of the resurgence that the Packers have seen in the second half of the season would have been possible without Love turning the afterburners on. He has figured things out and is playing like a legitimate superstar in recent weeks.

Gone are the questions about Love being the future in Green Bay. That is a forgone conclusion with the way he has been playing. Now, the question becomes, just how good can he end up being?

During the second half of the season, Love has forced his way into the MVP conversation. Some even believe that he should win the award over names like Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

According to Packers reporter Kyle Malzahn, Love has recorded four insane statistics throughout the second half of the season. He has been arguably the NFL’s best quarterback down the stretch.

For a first-year starter, those numbers are ridiculous. They’re strong numbers for any quarterback, but a player in the situation that Love has been in makes them unbelievable.

Replacing a Hall of Fame quarterback is never an easy task. Very few young quarterbacks can rise above the pressure and meet the high expectations. Love has made things feel easy for the Packers.

All of that being said, another massive test is in front of him. Leading the Packers back to the playoffs would be the icing on the cake for a perfect first year as the team’s starting QB. We’ll have to wait and see if he’s able to do just that.

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