SAD NEWS: Raiders loss elite player…

The Las Vegas Raiders have faced a dramatic story arc in their 2023 season as they have fired their head coach, endured a quarterback change and suffered tremendous turmoil within the locker room. While the team was expecting a competitive push under the renewed partnership of Head Coach Josh McDaniels and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, neither could make it through the season and the team has actually dramatically improved without either at the helm.

Las Vegas Raiders Likely to Lose Offensive Focal Point in Offseason

As i mentioned in my recent article regarding offensive juggernaut Derrick Henry, the running back position is quite simply a shell of what it was in the past as most players at the position can’t even get an extension after their rookie deal. That is once again apparent with Las Vegas as the team is likely to move on from All-Pro running back Josh Jacobs in the offseason.

Jacobs has been the rock on the offensive side of the ball for Las Vegas as he has average 1,100 rushing yards per season in his five seasons with the team. Jacobs was signed to a one year contract in the offseason to retain his services but will likely demand a higher salary upon signing a new contract.

During the last offseason, Jacobs made his opinions clear on the matter as the team couldn’t figure out any consistency on the offensive side of the ball aside from the running game.

“Obviously, I wouldn’t want to get franchise tagged. I feel like nobody really does,” Jacobs said. “But, to me, I wouldn’t mind it if they got the right guys in the building around us. [If] they got some guys on defense, figure out the quarterback situation, got some guys up front, then I would be like, ‘OK, I really wouldn’t mind coming back on the franchise tag but if you want me to come back and be the hero, you’re going to have to pay me like a hero.”

Jacobs will be arguably the greatest asset available at the running back position and will have his choice of teams but will still struggle to get his salary demands met anywhere else. Jacobs is expected to miss the last game of the season against the Broncos with a quad injury which might be his concession of the season.

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