SAD NEWS: Raiders’ Key player suffers career-ending injury….

The Las Vegas Raiders are going to have a tough game on their hands against their division rival, the Denver Broncos. While the fans would like for the Raiders to lose because they can’t go lower than pick nine but can go higher, this team will play hard football and try to go out on a good note. Antonio Pierce going 3-1 against the AFC West would be a good look, especially to Mark Davis.

But the Broncos are in a similar position. Both of these teams have draft wishes they would like to accomplish, but no one is going to actively try to lose a game, especially not the players. So, this game will still likely be a competitive one. But the Raiders are looking at playing the game without some of their key players, which means we could have seen a few of them for the last time last week or a few weeks ago this season.

The Raiders will likely be without Josh Jacobs, as he has missed the last few games and has not practiced this week. It would probably be better for him and his free agency coming up if he didn’t play. They will also likely be without rookie tight end Michael Mayer.

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