Rex Ryan is happy with the Detroit Lions’ motto: “Be a man and take responsibility.”

The NFL world is hearing terrible news from the Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys game.Official Brad Allen came under intense scrutiny and criticism after he incorrectly assumed that Dan Skipper, who had called the qualifiers at the start of the game, had walked up to him and announced the qualifiers at the end of the game. The video clearly shows Taylor Decker debriefing after receiving instructions from quarterback Jared Goff.

ESPN analyst and former NFL head coach Rex Ryan said Sunday morning that he can’t blame the players at all for the situation.Allen doubled down on his apparent mistake and said Skipper, not Decker, reported it. “The players did exactly what they had to do, every single one of them. Since Jared Goff went there and told Decker to “go and report,” he went there and reported with a nod from the official. I think I counted 70 (Dan Skipper) because the officials reported throughout the day.

By the way, that’s the plan. Where Dan Campbell fails is in assuming that civil servants are right. Why? “Because I had a special chat with Ryan before the game,” he said. “That’s what you do. When the officials come, we go over all the trick scenarios and everything with them before the game.” The problem with this error is that Campbell explained the play to the officials before the game.

“It’s a big mistake, but what worries me the most is that he blames the players. “Stop.” Ryan said. “The players did everything well. So stop criticizing, stop covering someone’s ass and tell it like it is. Be a man and take responsibility. I am single. It’s like, “Oh, it’s just a game.” Yes, this is a game that offers a very good deal for the second seed and possibly the first seed.

“And there’s a big difference between playing on the road and playing at home. To me, John Parry is one of the greatest public servants of all time. We are blessed to have him here. That guy is amazing. He looks into his eyes differently than I do. So you go,” Ryan said. “Let me tell you now, as a football coach, I know what happened.The pool report released after the game perplexed many as it seemed to directly contradict what Allen Decker and Skipper had said.

“What drives me crazy is that referees are human. He made a mistake. You see a 6-foot-1 guy, a 6-foot-2 guy right in front of you, but you don’t see his jersey number,” Ryan explained. “I thought it was 70. , and you guessed it. What do you know about me and you and that’s exactly what happened.

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