REPORT: Time to lay off Josh Reynold’s Comeback…..

The Detroit Lions lost to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game. One of the most notable players in this game for all the wrong reasons was wide receiver Josh Reynolds.

Reynolds had two big turnovers in that game. One is about a crucial fourth down conversion and the other is about a potential third down conversion late in the game. This obviously upset many Lions fans from Sunday night into Monday morning.

It’s crazy for the Lions to say it’s time to let Reynolds enter free agency in March. It would be foolish for the Lions to do that.Reynolds had a bad day. It’s true that it happened, but Reynolds’ contributions to the Lions this year shouldn’t be erased. It was a lot. Reynolds was one of the Lions’ top players in the 2024 class.There’s a reason why Dan Campbell has so many nicknames for this man. The nickname is like the death wart.

Because Reynolds can kill a team and attack out of nowhere. Reynolds has done this all season. In 2023, he had 40 receptions, 32 of which were first downs. You can see why Goff targeted Reynolds on Sunday night.Not only was Reynolds the first athlete to achieve such a victory, but he was also a great professional. He had at least 20 yards in 10 games this year.

Reynolds has been explosive for this team. The Lions shouldn’t listen to their fans here. They should bring Reynolds back for the 2024 season and beyond. The Lions still need to find new receivers, but try to keep the good ones they already have. Reynolds won’t be expensive either.

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