Report: Justin Fields had ‘toxic’ relationship with ex-Bears QB

During his tenure with the Chicago Bears, a image was painted that quarterback Justin Fields had the guide of every person in the organization.However, now that the 25-year-old signal-caller is no longer part of the organization, facts is coming to light indicating that wasn’t precisely the case.

Fields reportedly did no longer get along with former teammate Nick Foles, per Go Long TD’s Tyle Dunne, who said sources confirmed to him that the relationship between the two QBs was once “toxic as hell.”They by no means had been together,” a source instructed Dunne. “It was once continually Andy (Dalton) and Nick taking walks aspect by facet and Justin always 15 yards behind them.”

Dunne’s document looks to reinforce what former Bears director of player personnel Josh Lucas instructed Windy City Gridiron lower back in February about the dynamic in Chicago’s quarterback room.

“Justin wasn’t brilliant his rookie year,” Lucas said. “We thought having two vets with him would virtually help him with Andy and Nick and that was not cohesive at all.”

Fields and Foles have been only teammates for the 2021 season. 

The former went 2-8 as the starter with 1,870 yards, seven touchdowns and 10 interceptions while the latter was 1-0 and threw for 250 yards and a touchdown while serving as the third-string QB behind Dalton.

Foles was launched in May 2022 as the Bears transitioned Fields into the full-time starter. It’s now not acknowledged if the bitterness between Fields and Foles was a thing in his release.

The Bears added in Trevor Siemian, Nathan Peterman and Tim Boyle to back up Fields in 2022 whilst Foles signed a two-year contract with the Indianapolis Colts. 

Fields is now with the Pittsburgh Steelers while Foles used to be launched with the aid of the Colts in May 2023 and is presently unsigned. 

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