Report: Formal lions’ WR Golden Gate accuses Jerry Jones for….

The Dallas Cowboys‘ recent victory over the Detroit Lions stirred up a controversy that left fans across the NFL outraged over the officiating. The issue that arose was with respect to the game-winning 2-point field goal which was scored by the Lions but deemed to be held invalid by the referees, as it was caught by a player who had not reported before the play was executed.

Former Lions wideout Golden Tate believes this is much bigger than just a mere officiating error, he believes Jerry Jones is the reason the officials held the play invalid.

Jerry Jones picked up the phone and made that same call he made back in 2015 when they picked up that PI flag . Tate posted on his social media.

Tate is alluding to the fact that Jerry Jones rigged the game and took advantage of his influence by calling Roger Goodell or any influential person in order to ensure that Dallas won that game by hook or crook. Now, that is quite the conspiracy theory.

Golden Tate’s personal opinion stems from a mere fan’s point of view

Mr. Golden Tate sounded like another individual who shares the same last name, the one who encourages all to “Escape the matrix” with this theory. It is understandable why the former Lions wideout would feel that way because the whole world saw the players report to the referees. Even HC Dan Campbell said the same, it was clear that the team intended to confuse the Cowboys with this play.

Even after that, the official, Brad Allen, stood there and denied the fact that all the players reported to him. In all honesty, the NFL’s officiating has just been that bad this season. It does not mean that Jerry Jones made any calls and had the game rigged. If he could do that, he would have made the Cowboys win at least 3 to 4 Super Bowls since 1995 by now.

Lions-Cowboys matchups have been riddled with controversy. In 2015, a key pass interference call that ought to have been called in favor of the Lions was missed and thereby cost the team the win.

The reason it’s easy to deny the allegation that Jones rigged the game is because just a few plays earlier, an undeserving tripping play was handled to the Dallas Cowboys when in reality it was Aidan Hutchinson’s mistake and should have been levied upon the Lions.

The rumors about the “scriptwriters” going wild this season with the injuries across the board and crazy endings to some of the games have to be made light of. Some of the plays that fans have seen and some of these outcomes, you cannot make this up.

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