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As the season comes to an end for the Las Vegas Raiders, their successes and failures of this season will be recounted for weeks to come. One of the successes the Raiders have had this season was their defense. More specifically, their defensive line. 

The Raiders used the draft and free agency to fill out the defensive line. When the time came to trim their roster, the Raiders decided to keep more defensive linemen than any other position. 

Two of the most notable moves they made along the defensive line were drafting Tyree Wilson eighth overall and signing veteran defensive lineman Adam Butler after four seasons with the New England Patriots and one season with the Miami Dolphins, respectively. 

In Las Vegas, Butler statistically has arguably the second-best season of his career.

“I’m in the zone right now,” Butler said. “I’m really trying to keep it rolling.”

“It’s really what the game is all about. When I’m out there, I’m always thinking about my family. Thinking about my parents and how they stuck by my side when I was a kid. Having those moments just makes it all worth it.”

Butler has steadily improved since Interim Head Coach Antonio Pierce took over. He is one of many players who have vocalized their support for Pierce to lead the Silver and Black moving forward.

“It really would mean a lot to me,” Butler said. “Even if I’m somewhere else, I would definitely love for him to get this position. I think it’s obvious that he’s taken this team, and he’s really flipped it upside down. A part of me wishes he would’ve got this position maybe a little earlier if they were going to make this move, but you can’t predict the future.”

Butler has played well on the field but has also widened his influence by helping Wilson transition to the National Football League during his rookie season. Moving Wilson to the interior defensive line and working with Butler has improved Wilson.

“He helped me develop on the interior [defensive line],” Wilson said. “I ask him questions every day. As a veteran, he always has some nuggets to throw out there to help my game go up.”

“He came in right away. I didn’t know him, he didn’t know me. Just us having that connection being from Texas, we built a relationship. He took me under his wing, started coaching me, helping me see the small details, and helped my game keep growing each and every week.”

Leadership was one of the traits that made Butler an attractive signing for the Raiders. 

“Of course, that’s just part of my job,” Butler said. “I think that’s something they expected me to be here. I hope I can be that for this team next year. I really do. I like this place. I couldn’t really ask for anything better.”

There are a few position groups the Raiders will need to overhaul this offseason. The defensive line may be one of the Raiders’ positions to keep as intact as possible

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