Raiders HC Antonio Pierce throws water on wild draft rumor

Raiders HC Antonio Pierce throws water on wild draft rumor

Las Vegas Raiders coach Antonio Pierce addressed one wild declare that came out of the NFL Draft recently.

Cornerback Terrion Arnold claimed that the Raiders informed him their No. thirteen standard pick out came down to a coin flip between himself and tight quit Brock Bowers, with Bowers in the end getting the nod. Naturally, Pierce felt the need to respond, denying that it had come down to a coin toss and saying Bowers had been the select as soon as the remaining two quarterbacks had come off the board. In fact, Pierce denied even talking to Arnold on draft night.No call, and no coin flip,” Pierce said. “As soon as the remaining two QBs went off the board, we said Bowers all the way.”

Pierce may additionally now not have been the one to make the “coin flip” comment, even if it did take place. Either way, Pierce is not going to let it fester that the Raiders made such a big choice primarily based on chance, which would mirror very poorly on the organization. That is mainly real when some gamers are already lukewarm on the organization.

Arnold ultimately went to the Detroit Lions at No. 24 common whilst the Raiders got a achievable franchise tight cease in Bowers. Both are likely pleased with how matters worked out. 

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