Packers narrow win over Panthers proves Joe Barry needs to be fired.

After some expected ups and downs led by rookie quarterback Jordan Love, the Green Bay Packers are still going strong in the playoffs. Love rushed for 3,587 yards with 27 TDs and 11 interceptions this year in Aaron Rodgers’ first season as the starter (Rogers had 4,038 yards, 28 TDs and 13 INTs in 2008). After a 31-30 win over the Carolina Panthers in Week 16, the Packers’ playoff chances are 25 percent.

Green Bay fans will be optimistic after another strong performance from Jordan Love, but the defense’s poor afternoon will be a major concern going forward. Fans have been calling for the team to replace defensive coordinator Joe Barry for most of the season, and the defense’s strong struggles against Carolina could be the last straw.

The Packers have given up 394 yards and 30 points to the Panthers entering Week 16. They are third in the NFL in total yards and points per game. Both were season bests. In the last two games, Carolina scored nine points against the Atlanta Falcons and six against the New Orleans Saints.The Packers also made struggling Panthers QB Bryce Young look like a true Pro Bowler. Young threw for 312 yards and two touchdowns. Not only did Young pass for 300 yards for the first time this season, but he had never passed for 250 in a game before Sunday.

By Week 16, Green Bay allowed Baker Mayfield to have a perfect passer rating with four touchdowns in Week 15, and by Week 14, Joe Barry’s defense allowed Tommy DeVito and a mediocre New York Giants offense to just 367 total yards. The best. Game of the season.It wasn’t just a matter of the field or the Packers scoring, but Joe Barry’s decision making and play was very poor.

Against the Giants, Green Bay took the lead on Jordan Love’s TD pass to Malik Heath with 1:33 left. Down by one point, the Packers had to push the Giants out of field goal range. But instead of calling the press or attacking Tommy DeVito, who up to that point had less than 100 yards a night, Barry called the defense for an interception.Three short passes allowed New York to bring the ball to midfield with 49 seconds left and two timeouts remaining. From there, DeVito completed a 32-yard pass to Wandale Robinson to put the Giants in field goal range and give New York the win.

Joe Barry’s defense was held to 10 catches for 155 yards the following week by Baker Mayfield and Chris Godwin. It was clear early on that Godwin was Mayfield’s favorite target, but Barry insisted on covering Godwin in open areas. Tampa Bay always took advantage of these mismatches and Green Bay did nothing to respond. The Packers continued to miss the message for the Panthers.

Joe Barry didn’t make any major mistakes, but the continued struggles of Green Bay’s defense took a direct toll on him. This is a young department and there will always be growing pains. But the Packers have a lot of talent on defense as well, and the decline of that group this offseason is concerning.The only solution now is for the Packers to fire Joe Barry and reboot their defense.

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