Packers could part ways with two-time Pro Bowler?

Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander could play one more game with Green Bay. The two-time Pro Bowler was suspended for the club’s Week 17 game against the Vikings and is expected to return for the regular season finale,’s Adam Schefter explains that Alexander may not be with the Packers. long term plan.

Schefter said Green Bay’s decision on whether to keep Alexander will depend on the $8 million bonus he will receive on March 20. If the team decides to keep Alexander on the team, they simply pay him the bonus and move on. However, Schefter reported that the Packers could request a trade or waiver before the bonus deadline. Alexander signed a four-year contract extension worth $84 million in May 2022, making him the highest-paid cornerback in NFL history.

Average annual value (though his $30 million guaranteed value ranks just 12th among corners). The Louisville product hasn’t made the team regret the decision in the first year of his new contract. He earned his second Pro Bowl appearance, caught a career-high five passes and scored 80 points to be selected third overall by the pros. Concentrated football.

In 2022… Unfortunately, 2023 was not very kind to Alexandru. He missed nine games through injury and when he returned from six games last week he unexpectedly joined the designated captains and shouted “penny” despite not being named captain. The Packers won the toss, but made the critical mistake of starting the game on defense, which is not the same as putting the game away until the second half.

That said, the Panthers started both halves with the ball, which they would have if coach Matt LaFleur hadn’t expressed his intention to bench Alex Kemp before the game and Kemp hadn’t explained the decision to Alexander.Alexander also did not express regret about the mistake, saying instead that it was “only fitting” for him to join the Captains since the game was in Charlotte and he was born in Charlotte (which LaFleur didn’t believe knew him).

Schefter added that the Packers, who want their players to participate in Green Bay’s offseason program, don’t want Alexander not to do so. Alexander gave up a $700,000 workout bonus that would have allowed him to work out in Florida in the spring. Despite this, The Athletic’s Dianna Russini heard that Alexander is not considered a “problem child” within the organization.

While injuries are a concern, Alexander has missed all but four games of the 2021 campaign. His skill, age (he turns 27 in February) and the fact that he would be expensive to trade or release suggest that will happen. Come back to Green Bay in 2024. However, like Schefter, Russini believes that the two approaches can be separated.

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