OFFICIAL:4 players the Lions could be moving on from this week..

The Detroit Lions had to make some hard decisions earlier this week when they let veteran defensive lineman Isaiah Buggs go in order to clear some space on the roster. Here’s the thing, it’s not going to get any easier from here. The Lions still have to clear more space. As of right now, there’s only one open roster spot. The Lions need to make two more so they can get C.J. Gardner-Johnson, James Houston and Alim McNeill onto the roster. 

I spent the morning looking over the roster trying to find which players made the most sense to be moved on from in order to make the necessary space. All I can say is that this wasn’t easy for me, so I know it will be twice as hard for the Lions. Here’s four guys that could be moved off the Lions 53-man roster in order to make space for returning starters: 

Anthony Firkser

The Lions might have to risk going with just two tight ends. for a minute, while they wait for Brock Wright to come back. Wright hasn’t practiced since before the Broncos game, but the injury must not be bad enough to put him on injured reserve, so that tells me that he could be coming back for the playoffs. 

Firkser filled in against the Vikings and Cowboys and they barely used him. So going this route might be the easiest move. The Lions can waive him and bring him back on the practice squad if he clears waivers. They can then elevate him if they need to. 

Charles Harris

There’s no way around it. This sucks. You’re cutting a veteran player right before the playoffs again. Harris has had some good times in Detroit, the problem is that none of them have been recently. Harris has played 83 total snaps since Week 6. The snap counts have been steadily falling too. He’s played 11 snaps in his last three games combined. The Lions also had him as a healthy scratch for a few weeks. 

Harris has a strong chance to be done with the team after the season anyways. You hate to see it, but they might have to just make that move right now. 

Steven Gilmore

Here’s where you take a risk. There’s been corners moved on and off this team all year long and one guy hasn’t been touched, that’s Steven Gilmore. He’s been on this roster all season long and there’s a reason for that, the Lions really like him and see him as a part of their future. That’s why waiving him and hoping to get him back on the practice squad is a risk. There’s plenty of teams that probably haven’t forgot about how well he played in the preseason. There’s a strong case for him getting claimed by someone. 

It’s hard, but still, you have to make room on this roster for players you actually plan to play in the playoffs. 

Will Harris

Maybe the hardest of them all because Dan Campbell has raved about Will Harris many times. It’s hard to let go of a guy that’s able to just fill in when you need him too. The problem with Harris is that when he’s filled in, it’s caused some problems for the defense. That might explain why he’s filled in a lot less. 

Kindle Vildor and Khalil Dorsey have sort of made Will Harris a bit obsolete. Harris’ role was to be the guy that filled in, now the Lions have two guys to do that and they’re both doing it well. That’s why Harris has only played 13 snaps in his last six games. Still, how to cut a guy loose when he’s been with this team through all the hard times and they’re about to be in the good times? There is one practice squad spot open. They can hope he clears waivers and put him there if they still want to hold on. But they do have Craig James on the practice squad already. 

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