OFFICIAL: Broncos 2024 Offseason Plan: Burning Questions…

Denver Broncos coach Sean Payton has had a mixed first season as a head coach. The Broncos have struggled on defense to open the season with an 8-9 record, and while their defense has improved, their offense has disappeared. It didn’t help that we lost three of our last four games.

TheBroncos’ roster was flawed, but at times they took advantage of the breaks that came their way. Making the playoffs is great, but there is still a lot of work to be done for the Broncos to become a true playoff contender. No changes are expected in the front office or coaching staff, but there will be some roster changes.

So now is the time to ask the question: what are the roster’s plans for the future?Those are key questions the Broncos must answer as they enter the season.

How will Russell Wilson’s release be handled?

GM George Paton and Payton Wilson didn’t say he would leave this offseason, but he actually won’t be with the Broncos in 2024.

Wilson has $39 million fully guaranteed through 2024 and has no incentive to shed salary there. His $37 million base salary in 2025 isn’t fully guaranteed until he’s on the roster on March 21. Unless he and his agent are ready to negotiate early this offseason, there’s little chance it will be made public just yet.

What other players will be released?

Regardless of Wilson’s status, the Broncos are projected to have over $20 million in cap space through 2024, so the option to cut the player was always there.

Garrett Bolles, Justin Simmons, Courtland Sutton, Tim Patrick and J.J. Jones has all the cap space and no more guaranteed money. The Broncos could free up cap space by releasing their own cap. That doesn’t mean these players should be cut. Other options are available. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if two of the above five are released. 

Patrick and Jones are probably the strongest candidates.Who handles this?

The Broncos haven’t completed any trades this offseason, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of one happening now. There may be interest from other teams in players the Broncos don’t want to keep.

There were rumors last season that Bolles would be the subject of trade talks. Now that he’s healthy and playing well, teams could be interested in signing him, but the Broncos, on the other hand, could decide to keep him. Sutton and Jerry Jewdy have also been mentioned in trade rumors. Any of them can still be treated. A trade would help the Broncos improve their position and free up backup capital.

Broncos looking to extend existing vet with one year left?

If the Broncos decide to keep one or more of Bolles, Sutton, Simmons and Jewdy, those players could receive extensions.

Expanding to one of the four reduces the number of limits. The reason I mentioned Bolles as a great extension candidate is because the offensive tackle will have a long career and Bolles is having a great season. But we don’t know what the Broncos are thinking yet.

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