NFC Playoff Photos: The Detroit Lions close in on their first-round opponent.

Week 17 is officially on the cards. There is one more week until the team qualifies for the postseason. But there are many decisions to be made for the Detroit Lions and most of the NFC. The San Francisco 49ers took first place in the conference. Five teams advanced to the playoffs.

There are only a few division champions left and one final wild card spot to go. Let’s take a look at the updated playoff picture and what it means for the Lions.

NFC Playoff Photosx = make the playoffsy = rivet sectionz = bye round 1


49ers: 12-4 – xyzCowboys: 11-5 – xLei: 11-5 – xyBacteria: 8-8Wild Card Competition (First 3 Preliminary):5. Eagles: 11-5 – x6. RAM: 9-7 – x7. Pachet: 8-88. Seahawks: 8-89. Saints: 8-810. Vikings: 7-911. Falcons: 7-9 (only available in NFC South race) After losing to the Cowboys, the Lions do not have a tiebreaker against the Cowboys (rivals) or Eagles.

Philly currently owns the regular season tiebreaker (4-2 in Game 2). 3-2), but the Lions can improve on that with a win over the Vikings in Week 18. But other than that, the Eagles have the next tiebreaker (power to win), and that doesn’t look to change this week. 18. This means the Lions will have to finish better than the Eagles and Cowboys if they want the two seed. so… The lions defeated the vikings.Eagles lose to Giants

Cowboys lose @ Commanders.That’s the only way the Lions can move up to a two seed.This means they will finish 3rd and 6th in the first round of the playoffs.

That spot is currently held by the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams play the No. 49ers next week. If LA wins, they move to No. 6. With a loss, the Packers can beat the Bears and start the NFC North playoff battle. Due to the tiebreaker, no other team can catch the Rams. If the Lions take the triple seed, it will be either the Rams or the Packers. If Detroit moves to the two seed (which is unlikely), it could play a variety of teams that are still technically alive for the seven seed, including the Rams, Packers, Seahawks, Buccaneers and Saints.

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