Matt LaFleur Is Doing Joe Barry A Disservice

Green Bay defensive coordinator Joe Barry has been a daily target of angry Green Bay Packers fans on social media. That goes back to last season and honestly, it was my first hire. You can’t sugarcoat it at this point. Green Bay’s defense was a complete disaster. But it’s not all Barry’s fault.

Director Matt LaFleur decided to hire Barry. Their friendship dates back to at least 2017, when they spent time under coach Sean McVay in Los Angeles. LaFleur and Barry were close, and that familiarity was a big help during the interview process. If your resume had been the deciding factor, Barry would never have gotten the job.Barry served two terms as a defensive coordinator in the NFL. He spent 2007 and 2008 with the Detroit Lions, and his defense ranked last (32nd) in yards and points in both seasons. Seven years later, the commanders in Washington gave him a second chance. In two years in D.C., Barry’s defense ranked 28th in rushing yards, 17th in scoring as a freshman and 19th in scoring as a freshman both seasons.

InDetroit, it took the Lions two years to look in the mirror and say, “Okay, we’re moving on.” It took two years to do the same in Washington.LaFleur had the opportunity to transfer last season. No one would have blinked if Barry had been released, if not for the tears of joy shed. But LaFleur decided to bring Barry back. It was a disaster. In some ways, LaFleur does Barry a disservice. Leaving Barry in trouble is unfair and puts some heat on LaFleur’s seat. Of course, mid-season changes don’t always work. But things have gotten so bad that they can’t get any worse for Green Bay.

Barry compared New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito to the following player: After torching Barry’s defense, DeVito was named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week. Two weeks later, the Giants benched DeVito for veteran Tyrod Taylor.Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield will receive the award when he plays at Green Bay next week. Mayfield became the first visiting quarterback in Lambeau Field history with a perfect passer rating. Carolina Panthers rookie Bryce Young had a big performance last week.

The Panthers scored a season-high 30 points against Green Bay. Carolina had a record 394 yards. Young scored a career-high 298 points. Carolina converted 26 first downs and had five plays of at least 20 yards. Yes, both were season highs. Barry can’t do that and he clearly doesn’t feel bad for her. His refusal to force the issue with an aggressive stance was evident when Green Bay gave him the job. He, too, was no match for the wealth of talent the Packers invested in.But LaFleur also deserves a lot of blame. Barry’s hiring was initially a surprise. Keeping him beyond the 2022 season was a decision everyone knew would be futile.

LaFleur is dedicated to one thing, and this is most evident in the decisions he makes each week to keep Barry around. You’d think LaFleur would learn from former special teams coordinator Maurice Drayton after going way beyond what most coaches do. allowed. The 2021 playoff suspension against San Francisco ultimately ended Drayton’s stay. He is currently the head coach at Cetate.LaFleur deserves just as much criticism as the naysayers who latch onto Barry, turn him into a piƱata, blindly cling to some form of hope, and beat Barry up every week.

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